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Reviews for "WGJ4K: Mario Vs Sonic"


While Mickey was fighting him in the alley, did he even notice he got outside? He could have just ran right there.


I think this is the first parody of There Will Be Blood I've seen lol, great stuff man keep up the good work.

yah, that one little thing

you know, at the end? that was all like "WAUYUAYAYAYA!" or whatever? yah. didn't see that coming

I hate that goddamn cat!

Funny movie. There will be Blood is like the least parodied thing of all time and that probably made it even funnier. I missed the little opening theme tho :( but other than that Well Done! Oh and I hate that fucking cat!

Awsome Pure Awsome

this movie was grate love how you did the there will be blood part funny as hell