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Reviews for "WGJ4K: Mario Vs Sonic"

i hate it!

seriously, i liked your previous flashes, but this one was soo boring, i tried to watch it to the end, i made it, but it hurts.
i think this is the end of the series

Not Funny

If you had changed what happens in the scene from the original "There Will Be Blood," then I'd say it has a chance to comment ironically or comically on the movie and on both games. As it is, it just goes through the motions and doesn't give me anything new. Goofing up while playing one of these games offers more comedy than your video.

I have to admit, I can't animate or do anything like this. I respect your ability but don't see any good in using it for this short.

Long and drawn out.

This series has such a high quality of animation and art yet there seems to be very little in it. The scene was drawn out and it made no sense in the end. Maybe I didn't get it but I bet a lot of other people didn't either. It just seems the content is completely different from the "wacky" vibe the art and style give the impression of.


loved some of your earlier stuff but what the fuck was this, it wasnt entertaining at all. it was just, weird, and why you decided to act out the end of there will be blood is beyond me. pretty poor

the ending in this video reminds me of a certain episode of south park

p.s. i ONLY give this video a star because of what i just said.