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Reviews for "Tombscape 2"

It's not a bad point and click adventure game - interesting puzzles that are a little easy at times, and I liked the variation between finding objects, and finding things to take photos of. Unfortunately finding everything doesn't gain you anything extra - just bragging rights.

I will say that these series of games would benefit to more of a storyline, and this one is rather short. It gives the impression that it's going to be fairly big, with the ability to go forwards and backwards, and the arrival of those 3 doors, but then you'll breeze through it pretty quickly - my first run through was under 10 minutes.

Nice graphics, honestly though I found the music slightly annoying - the same thing on a 10 second loop. All in all though I did prefer this to the first game in this series.

Graphics and animation are stunning! The ancient relics are beautifully made.

Game play is less interesting compared to the first episode. It's more about photography, collecting items and solve simple puzzles. Having said that, I was stuck with a serpent puzzle. I tried summing up the two numbers before inputting them into their slots. After watching the walk through, I realised that all I had to do was matching the two numbers. *pff* Then, I couldn't pass the last door with a triangle key and three gems. Later, I found out I forgot to visit a skull cave. :P

Sound effect is fine.


I got really shocked of the second coffin - dont do that again.
(Or at least warn for it..)

I would have gave you an 10/10 cause it is such an amazing game, but
I did not find it not the slightest bit entertaining that you shock the player so much..

Psionic3D responds:

Aaah, sorry...lol ;-)