Reviews for "Tombscape 2"


Great! I was looking forward to this!

My only comment is that I can never find the last Eternal Flame. There's like, a pedestal that doesn't have a flame on it..

Now this is a game.

Tombsacpe was hard because of the pendulums, but the sequal was better because you actually stopped to think and time didnt affect your score. i had a good time and the creatures in this game were well designed . Another great Psionic 3D game.


Are you sure this is rated E?

I completed the game and got two sudden "SKULL IN YOUR FACE" effects, I really hope you haven't given anyone a heart attack

other than that, I thought it was nice but too short


I would have put ten out of ten, but as previously mentioned, it was a bit too short. And you simply MUST make another one, these are extremely fun to play and although they are primarily puzzle in nature, they keep your heart pounding as you
wait for the next random thing to pop out and scare you.

the puzles are WAY too hard lower the diffculty