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Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"

Nice sequel

Seems kinda uncontrollable but maybe it's just me. I just think it kinda lacked interesting levels.

A sequel..

..to one of my very first flash gaming experiences? FUCK YES.


I love the game sometimes the controls dont work but i think that is my computers fault and this is a great game!

Grate Game

I was a little confused with the game play but over all I like the style.

Like all great pieces of art it is never finished. But hey you still get a 5 vote from me and a 8/10 total.

Art style is nifty and cute. Without really cutting corners.
As far as gameplay, like i said it was confusing for a long while. Its like smash bros but really obscured. even with the big arrow pointing where I was, it was hard to keep track of myself.

I hope thats helpful guys

too many bugs

when i started the first challenge i moved the right or left way the whole time and i could'nt control myself, this would have been an awesome game if it did'nt have those bugs.. too bad