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Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"


cool game

Awesome Game

This deserves more than a 10 :D



Hear me out

If you want :P I still stand by to my experience THAT i've yet to see many if not more than 5 True fighting games i.e Newgrounds rumble. So it was pretty cool to play this and be shocked that its a actual fighter& not a beat em up and well i mean I've only played 2 so im still standing by my words but anyhow its late here so im going to say that i did not find many if not valid flaws as stuff i could but wont say is nitpicking.

Amazing game

This was one amazing game and probably as close to Super Smash Bros. as a flash game can get with the style and everything it had to offer,the controls were amazing and really the only bug i found was that at rare times the controls will freeze to where you have to click on the screen to move again but other than that this game was complete perfection and probably had the most replay value to offer than any other game on Newgrounds,that is how highly i think of this game and you should be very proud of yourselves. =D