Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"



Awesome but when i said madness skins i was talkin

about the auditor or hank well nice job if someone want the madness skin them put a 5 vs 1 team be sure that youre the one in the 5 team all of th e 5 team must be noob and the 1 team must be l33t then on the match use a rpg or heat guiding missile to kill em all them for a 5multikill win the match and youl get the madness skin


ce jeu est mieux ke le 1 car les perso sont mieux on a pas le mode rage dans le 1 ni est le mode munition infini donc le meilleur ses chaos faction 2

Chaos Faction - again!

After Chaos Faction, I didn't think I could find CF 2 to be a better version. I was wrong. This is a brilliant game, 10/10

an answer for you, residentevirlux10

the only thing you need to do is go to deathmatch mode, go to the more options menu, and put damage x2 and rage match , defeat a character in nOOb mode and voila, you got the medal. To get the up and away medal, do all the same things, the only difference is to put damage x5. I hope I help you and anybody that wants the medals ;)