Reviews for "Age of the Brotherhood p1"


This is a great storyline! At first I was wondering how this would all work out, and BAM!!!! Cool! Cliffhanger in the ending is good too! ^_^ I mean, the fact that Sonic had a brother who died, then before he died he confessed how much he hated him, then how Amy liked Sonic's brother, then Eggman used to be Sonic's friend... And all of this is crushing Sonic immensely! How he is dealing with everything is realistic. I'm ready to watch the next episode! Woot! :D

Very good

i like that you took a road that not oo many people take, usualy they make funny parodies its nice to see a serious fan fiction. Hope the next one comes out soon

Pretty good...but

This flash is far too serious for a Sonic parody. Tearing out eyes and torture? Yes, in the Sonic cartoons and games there were gruesome things going on but they were implied and never really put emphasize on. A subtle line to let the viewer know of what happened to his brother rather than being blunt about the process would have been enough. This flash is good, but it's hard to hear all of this horrible stuff coming out of Sonic brand stuff.


The vidoe was good but it was too short for my liking. Please hurry and make the next part so i can find out who sonic ran into at the end

it sucks

wtf sonic dont have a brother and who is cody