Reviews for "Age of the Brotherhood p1"

those G.U.N. guys look like echidnas

also, are you going to put knuckles in?

Milanous responds:

Sonic Legends the next story

best thing sice sice toliet paper

very good love the fighting scenes screw u for the cliff ahnger though ^_^) vewruy good animtaion hope thes ecoudn one coems out soon



Milanous responds:

Make that reference again and I'll RIP OUT YOUR OPTICS!!

I mean umm.....Ah shit


i love the improvements from Origin and rise of the brotherhood. I also like the fact that you have new voice actors, Omahdon exspecially( cant spell) he fits the narrator perfectly. New voice actor for sonic is an awesome improvement aswell. Anyway i can tell this series will be alot darker then the others. Keep up the good work.

Milanous responds:

Be seeing alot more of Omahdon i hope

Dang! ITS...

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I've never heard of... Prime.

Milanous responds:

He's one of my own characters i made up I thought an army of metalix would need a leader.