Reviews for "Age of the Brotherhood p1"

Pretty good

Just a note, this review serves to review the entire series from the beginning.

I like this series, however, I have noticed problems, the largest being the battles. Most of the time, the flow of the fight is broken, and the sounds are off. Since I warch these kinds of things for story, however, it isn't a big issue with me. Spelling is also off sometimes. The story itself is good, but there are things that need explanation or clarification. The characters are great, acting somewhat like their Sega counterparts, but also having originality. I also think that you should try and avoid using SMBZ sound clips, due to the flak that you'll get from fans of it, as well as the fact that you will never get a perfect fit due to the other story being too differant. Overall, a great series, but still room for improvment.


You know, I find that I'm usually one with the main demographic on NG. If something has a good score, I like it. Your score would say that this is on a level of Super Mario Z.

It's not. It's really not. I'm disappointed. Your sprite work is lazy. Sonics fighting just looks lazy and there isn't enough sound effect to emphasize his attacks. At the beginning it was silent for a few hits. It's like you just forgot to put them in. When he ran towards the base, his feet weren't moving correctly either. Overall, I can't say I'm impressed.

The voice acting is what really got to me. Now look, I know there are no professional voice actors on NG. Fine, I understand. Lower standards accordingly. But take a look at some sprite animations. Power Star had some damn good voice acting. Submitted to NG, got a fantastic score. Dr. Eggman and Sonic sound really forced. Sonic sounds awkwardly gung-ho. Dr. Eggman sounds like he's trying too hard. Viremaster did their voices, right? I didn't pay much attention to the credits. Bro, step it up.

Rina, I didn't get to your part. I could not finish watching this. I know your work is pretty good. I didn't get to your point, but I hope you sounded better than Vire. I claim ignorance, cannot fairly critique you.

Also, Prime is playing the same crap that Shadow did. "I'm the supreme being". Same with Mecha-Sonic in Super Mario Bros Z. Please, come up with a decent storyline. All I got out of this is "Errrr world dying derp Eggman winning derp herp hedgehogs extinct EXCEPT SONIC herp FREEDOM FIGHTERSSSSS".

I'm comparing you a lot to SMBZ because it's pretty obvious that's what you're trying to be. Sorry, but I can't say I like your work.

good stuff

Ok that was the best flash animation i've seen in a while, looking forward to the next one. 10/10

in a word

this is cinimatic quality! i cant believe it. i haven't seen anything this well constructed on newgrounds for a long time! great job and keep up the good work! :D 10/10!

You would think at this point....

I would stop being shocked at how much better and better this gets! With that said, one kick ass cast of voice actors, damn good with the sprite animation, and I have to really say, I love the music in this one, A LOT!

I'd say all around good! Great Job to you and the whole crew :)

<.< still wanna know who the guy in the cloak is!

Milanous responds:

Doesn't everybody