Reviews for "Age of the Brotherhood p1"

we dont need shadow

hes just shit shadow is a godamn anoying hes gay cuz he acts cool around sonic ALL he time ;D but he flash is gold!


This is so epic man. Awesome

GREAT! But...

Im sorry to tell you this but you see you vid lacks sound effects like running, landing, jumping, etc. I Know its a cool vid but still needs a little more work. Also its good if you lessen the dialog speed. Also I have a feeling at the end of the vid the person behind Sonic and Tails is Neo because when I looked at his shadow it kinda had the shape of his head.

I have an idea

although its not that good... shadow could appear and for some reason be mad at eggman and help fight the metalix... not that good of an idea

i bet its shadow

the guy at the end, i bet its shadow. anyways, still no knuckles, no, dont worry thats cool.......and the misterious characters, like "cody" or the general, who i suspect is general D'coolette, but you dfailed to provide a back story, but its cool though, just make the next one, im sure itll be full of explanations.