Reviews for "Age of the Brotherhood p1"

Accurate voice acting, pretty decent & dramatic storyline, and nice action. Everything a Sonic storyline should be.

i'm a girl in real life ok and loved the video

Now this is something SEGA needs to make.
A lot of action and emotion spiraling in one... Geat work!

I don't know why

But I suspect that Shadow belongs to Shadow the hedgehog or Nero. But I would like to question something though. According to the Archie Comic, Princess Sally Acorn is the leader of the Freedom fighter not Sonic so is there a reason behind this? I watch all the previous episodes before this by the way. Also, there are more members of the freedom fighter such as Bunnie, Antino, Roter and a few others. Please can you answer my question, thanks.

Milanous responds:

with pleasure the reason for this is that although my story contains elements of that show, as a tribute, my story does not take place in the same universe as Sonic Satam.

Hurry up...

...with part 2 already!
its been a shitload of time!
i( and prolly everyone else) want more!(x3)