Reviews for "Age of the Brotherhood p1"

my guees

the person at the cliifhanger was nero. great vid


you used the effect from star wars

Good Concept, But Lacks Substance

The effort here is pretty solid, but it misses on some of the VA work on the side of Sonic & Tails. I'm sure it's no fault of the VAs, but it feels forced and sometimes too pronounced. The sprite animation is however, very quality if a bit clunky in some shots. But it's definitely good enough. The plot itself is very decent and a breath of fresh air among people who expect Sonic to be all fluffy and childish. I like maturing a series beyond the source material and this seems like it may have the potential to do so.

Keep it up and we may have a quality series on the franchise.

Sonic isn't supposed to be all sad and brooding

i thought some os the dialogue was laughable for how serious is was trying to be and if cody was not a hegehog then what was he? and i thought g.u.n. was only human mambers.
sonic should be a fun universe where some douchbag named robotnic is trying so rull all...well at least there was no chris thorndike


Wait, so Amy just popped back to life? Or did she die..? I sense plot hloe. D:<

Milanous responds:

One that is addressed and has meaning. She didn't die. Nero saved her and you'll find out why soon enough