Reviews for "Atsuke Breath of Darknes"

Omg. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for putting my song in your flash, guy! Awesome game.

FerchoXSS responds:

thanks to you for the dramatic song! hehe...

awesome work

Great work on your first game. Is this going to be a sequel?

FerchoXSS responds:

yes.. thanks, i have 14 years.. im young hehe..

A little rough bro

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a 6 for effort, and I had a lot of fun reading the poor translation. I think it's pretty good for your first game but still pretty rough. Keep trying, I think you could get pretty good at making games.

i'll be nice

so it's your first game and it took you a year....

wow, it is very very rough. the idea is good but the actual game is not. i am going to assume you are very young so i do not want to discourage you.

for your next game...perhaps use less english.

keep on improving your skills, you have a lot of work to do.

FerchoXSS responds:

hehe, ok.. and yes, i have 14 years.. im young.

atsuke called, was someone the family was happy?

what? other than the bad english which i can understand if you are not a native speaker, the graphics and controls are wonky and need some work. i hope you didnt spend a year on this because it isn't that great. try doing simpler flashes and build up your skills. good luck!