Reviews for "Kid Launcher"


Ive played this game before and it was called TOSS THE TURTLE!!! Get your own material man!


We've all seen this game before. Quite a few times even. Kitty cannon, hamster launch.... hell even those old pingu games were fairly similar. This game is good, don't get me wrong, and it's much better than I could do. However, it does nothing to set itself apart from the rest of these type of games.

sweet game but...

why the hell do the birds blow up when you hit them?!?!

good game just a bit repetitive with the music

Just one thing

I'd suggest either making the background move by faster or adding a second background layer that moves faster, because I'm not getting the feeling of speed at all. You think he's flying for 20 meters and then you look at the counter and whoa it says 1325 meters. You know?

Not bad

a bit easy but fun, but after 10,000 i got the medal 100k, and after 100,000 i went out for a smoke came back he was still bouncing to 211,484 meters.