Reviews for "Kid Launcher"

Only one little thing..

Good game, especially when it's your first one.

Only one little thing. When the patchman goes to space, you see the picture of the kid...

Try to fix that.


i like it


First shot perect shot!

addicting to a point

it was a solid game. provided it's tough to make a launching game original, but it was still playable. people are raging because when they see a new game, they expect the best, but not everyone has great skills on their very first game. more upgrades in future games you make like this would be nice, and maybe the art style, but art never really matters to at least me.

anyway... I got over 338,569 meters without full upgrades... pics to prove, though I doubt other people care.

http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd 242/Maxwell959/fackayouwhalu.jpg

p.s. yeah i still use vista, and i hate it.


Like that other guy said, this is nothing new. Basicly the original thing is the bear and the kid, but it does'nt take much. There's not much stuff to buy, and even without the best things, I'm still going on forever. I did like the animations on the kid when he was flying though, and the bear made me laugh a few times when he came chasing after the kid after each landing.

All in all, a good first game, but not that good. Since it's your first game, I think you can do better, and I hope you will :)