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Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

good game

This is a good game but if am at the end boss i respawn in heaven even if i am not dead

Serious bugs near the ned

The game was mostly entertaining, i liked the choice of music a lot. Most of puzzles I solved by accident, sometimes it was hard to keep track of what I had and hadn't accomplished. The uberkid fight was pretty clever, but outside of that, nothing really stood out to me in terms of design or style.
The last boss battle is also horribly buggy. For one thing, the text scrolled without me pressing the space bar, so I couldn't even read it. The first time I didn't even know what was going on. Also, during the fight, the boss would sometimes just pop up on the other side of the screen appearing on top of me and draining half my life before I could even walk away. This also happened with the golden egg your supposed to collect. It appeared halfway across the screen from me and I didn't have time to grab it before it scrolled off screen. Also, one time I walked to the bottom of the screen during the boos fight and died for some reason.
It's a decent homage to Pico and the gang, and the writing was amusing but it had some bugs.

a little buggy still

Not too long. I'd say it was about right.

When you get something from the dog I had no idea for a few minutes what it gave me or how to use it.

The boss fight.... Very glitchy. The chicken would teleport around. Then it told me to go back and fight!! So... I went on top of the chicken till i died... You should say..." Avoid the eggs till he dies!!!" because that's more what happens...

Not bad though. Just needs a little more attention to details.

MarcyVF responds:

Lol, yeah that hen is a real glitch bomb.
But I won't make Darnell and Nene say "avoid the eggs till it explodes", it's part of the humor and I wrote it on purpose. :) You really went on top of it until you died? Lol, I'm glad you did.



I loved the game, it was humoristic and I almost have all medals! Only that crazy funky chicken is hard. But I die sometimes, while I avoided an egg, I don't know what that's all about but I really love this game :)

Very nice

Good graphics, animation and sound. Was just about the right length, not too drawn out. Looking forward to more of your work. :)

MarcyVF responds:

Not even too short? :') Thanks!