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Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

the game was pretty good

all in all it was a good game now im gonna tell you the medals you get the unicorn horn from a bum that wants food you go to mcd's to get the food from a really fat guy thats sitting at the bottom right of mcd's give the bum the burger and you get the horn 1 secret medal now: but first go to your pink house go near it and you get the regret medal now the secret medals:

you have to meet god, give the lady flowers, and then find the easter egg:to find god you go to the right after you die: to find the flower for the girl you go to the place just before the grave yard and follow the trail to the grace yerd at the last few inches of the trail stop and go directly up to find a humonguos flower pick it and give it to the girl. thats all folks


A cute simple game. I enjoyed myself ^^
I'm a big fan of the soundtracks.
The research and collection of objects side failing to be original is really funny and well done. The graphics and colors are cool and refreshing.
the only defect is that it is too short, I long to see a sequel !
Good Job.


took sum gettin used to but kol

Kitchy, yet fun.

Well...like I said. The game is fun, but very kitchy and fairly juvenile. I enjoyed it.


This Game was awesome. Kept me interested until i was done. Heaven part is awesome lol!