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Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"


But I got a Bug. When I found the way to get in the storage, The game screen turned black and I can't do anything but shit. Anyway good game.
P.s. Die and get to heaven and find God, You'll get a secret medal!

pretty awesome

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassandra Chicken Goth!

After you beat the funky chicken, look at the person who was disguised at the chicken. It's a sprite of Cassandra, the girl who turned into the weird alien monster at the end of Pico's School!

Medal Guide

As people seem to be having trouble, here is my guide for the medals:
Regret: go back to the door or left wall in the first screen
Test: cannot get it, ignore it
Catch Uberkid: get the pok├ęball from the guy next to McFatties (top screen) and go to the grassy are inside the fence. in the middle row of grass, you will run into uberkid. follow the instructions there
Save a Unicorn's Dignity: get the hamburger from the fat guy at the back of McFatties. give it to the homeless kid next to the barn, he will give you the horn. then, give it to the unicorn on the screen above the starting screen
Magic Pico Man: go to the field below the gas station
Make an Old Man Happy: go to the field with the farmer. next to the sheep on the right is some wool. take it, and give it to the old man next to the gas station
Win: survive the onslaught of chicken eggs
Be a Gentleman: collect the flower from the circle of trees above the graveyard and give it to the girl near the barn
Easter Egg: yes, this has a double meaning. collect it from the chicken
Meet God: die, and go to the right
The rest of the game, like how to get to the chicken, I will leave for you to figure out.


great and ddicting game, just like MPM :). unlocked all the medals except the last one and the test one...... and for the easter egg i standed right where it appears and i got it but i died... AWESOME work!