Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

Good Game!

this chicken is driving me crazy

Great game. I like the graphics and the music. The beehive and the person complaining about the bench threw me off a bit.

How to defeat the chicken:
You don't. Just wait for the colored egg and touch it.

So, Everyone Have The Same Problem, Is When The Funky Chicken Appear, This Show That U Must Press Space, But Nothing Appear.
But In The Wiki ( Link: http://www.newgrounds.com /wiki/games/ medal-games/picos-ludo- vengeance Remove The Space) Say The Thing, Except To Press Spacebar.
I Guess, It A Troll, Maybe?
3.5 Star Cause The F**ck**g Problem That Should F**k**g Must Fix.\
So Everyone/Everybody, We Have The Same Problem.

how to do battle the fucking chicken i pressed space look on the newgrounds wiki and found a walkthrough and it wont tell how plz tell me what key to press the battle the fucking chicken but the game was fun and easy plz reply marcyvf