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Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

Welcome to heaven, feel free to go back down

its fun, i play it over and over it seems. but when it gets to the chicken, when i press space it does nothing. so technically, ive yet to finish this game.

Needs some skill, and better graphics

Well the graphics aren't exactly great, but the gameplay is! Nice medals too!
You could make more of a goal though, like some skill instead of just having to move around and talk to people..
Especially when pico's walking, he just moves side to side like in South Park...
Just sayin'


This game has what so many others lack. Style. Great game.


This game is pretty cool.

Pretty Awesome

I beat the whole game people its easy to beat the chicken,just keep dodging its eggs u can't hit it,and when its gonna die it will spin on its back then explode