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Reviews for "Bug War 2"


I love these types of Strategy games. Beautifully given and displayed here. I hope to see a Bug War 3 soon. Well not soon I wanna finish this one first :D

Excellent game

im not sure what some reviewers are talking about, i only played with the first race so far and didnt had much difficulty with the stages, i only failed once because i reacted slow. So the difficulty isnt a real problem as far as i can tell, just the speed and controls to select more bases and attack with it might be tweaked a little bit, since i did lose the 'arrow command chain' sometimes to easily imo. but that didnt stop me from beating the game.


This game is easy if you use the ants in my opinion, the bees, not very good, the beetles, also a good race to use. So, this game is really good, i hope to see a Bug War 3! :D Keep it up! :)

Better than the first.

This game was one of the best games i have played.
Its easy to control and better than the first Bug War.

I LOVE this game

its the best. awesome!!!!