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Reviews for "Bug War 2"


Just nice. Not great.

enemies too strong

Good design and music and I've loved the idea of bugs at war with eachother since I was a kid.

The enemies are way too strong. I was playing quite well up until level 5 and it just felt like they were way overpowered.

Perhaps you should fix some of these problems because this is an otherwise good little strategy game.


1. You level up slowly with the beginner class which is ANNOYING, because when you get to levels like 6-8. The enemies are too strong for you, no matter what you put the point in (and btw i was fighting ANTS) with a point in strength and they still outnumbered me. (I'm talking about 1-5 here) for every 15 bees i had, 3 ants could take over the colony...

2. There is no experience bar. Why would any1 keep playing the game if there isnt an experience bar? I don't see when i level, or how many points i need to level or anything. And if you seriously think that i need to beat stages in order to level up, you are out of your mind. I would rather play your first bug war than this garbage.

3. Even though the stages are hard, grinding is hard, leveling up is hard, to unlock new units you need to beat the whole map. Which is irritating since i got to lvl 8 (introduction of the lotus) and the lotus are owning my troops far more than the ants did. This is just insanely ridiculous.

No one will play your 3rd bug war game (if you choose to make one) if these problems are still here, you ignored most of the tips people gaved you in the first bug war. All you did was give more detail, a few new units, and ~voila~. Still isn't any better... please try to fix these problems =.=

Game mechanics need more attension

The problem with this game is that success in almost every mission replies entirely on gaining a slight advantage in the first few seconds and then just grinding away until you win. It's really not that interesting, perhaps if some of the maps weren't so linear it would help or maybe if there was a greater variety of buildings.

All in all the concept and graphics are nice but the game just loses out due to its painful lack of depth.


Great game!

I really like this kind of strategy games.
Good job!