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Reviews for "Bug War 2"


You get seven because it gets pretty much unplayable around level 6 or 7. Good concept, good art, promising gameplay. But in the end, I have to re-do levels until there are no fast species. Fast species is over powered. And in levels where there are two different species, they should absolutely NOT work together against you. The premise behind the game is that one species will end up on top, and that all are against all.

Excellent game

im not sure what some reviewers are talking about, i only played with the first race so far and didnt had much difficulty with the stages, i only failed once because i reacted slow. So the difficulty isnt a real problem as far as i can tell, just the speed and controls to select more bases and attack with it might be tweaked a little bit, since i did lose the 'arrow command chain' sometimes to easily imo. but that didnt stop me from beating the game.

I was having Fun Until...

Its true i was having fun playing this game i thought that it was going to be challenging until i got to level 6 and then i couldn't even get controll of a hive or tower with out them taking it over in 3 second after i had take it and then destorying me 5 seconds late the game went for 20 seconds and i played it 3 more times before giving up after the resulting matches where all done in 20 seconds i think you made this game too challenging to early.

I agree with darkster1 all the way...

This is fucking rediculous.
Can't even get past the FIRST lotus battle. >:C

Needs improvements...

Because at some point it becomes unplayable. As most people stated, the enemies are overpowered, and the "evolution" process is too slow.

Other thing: I just pwned some "strong" bugs on lvl 3 in less than 300 seconds, and yet I received only one, ONE star for that effort. Can you explain the way of calculating the score?