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Reviews for "Bug War 2"

so bleeding sick of this shit

I have had it up to here with this bullshit. the first time this concept was original, but it sure as hell doesn't deserve the ten trillion shitty knockoffs. try making a game with even a glimmer of originality.

too hard

it's too fucking hard i cant go past the first mission!!


so many games like this that u go into houses and take over!
though its good but how about adding somthing diffrent to all the others:
A batt;le thing when a troop goes to ur basea battle screen comes up to fight them or let them come in.

Gets so boring!


This game is not too hard nor too easy :P it's JUST right! You gotta know what to do to win, you CANNOT beat the locust until you upgrade twice! then the game is SUPER easy!

Though I am now playing with the skelebugs and ants and et me say, it's even easier! though in sequel can you please make it so ALL the bugs are availible one way or another? I wanted to be the reaper things in the last 2 levels :(

for all those complaining, STOP! sure it's difficult at first but is a game supposed to be easy???... didn't think so... whiners... though I hate the bees first stage :(

BTW PROGRESS BAR (level up/xp) is in the statistics, not sure if it only goes up per star you get or every person you kill, but you can only go up 2 levels... may I suggest more in the next game?

Good game

First i would like to say this is a good game, but i would rather it be a bit longer and maybe add some more steps for power, and possibly more abilities then just speed and strength.

Second to all of the people who r complaining about the game, its really not that hard u just need to play smart and when they attack a node attack them, i beat the game only losing once and that wasn't even on the locus levels.