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Reviews for "Bug War 2"

lower the difficulty

I beat it but it wasnt fun make it slightly easier or but an easy , normle or hard button on it.

i dont normal like these games

but i think its well done and desrves an 8

It's decent until...

Until you notice that one level has consumed 15 minutes... until you notice that this is another attack and defend game... until a player notices that there's no medals, and getting an upgrade consumes SO much time. I like this game, but more frequent upgrades, asking Fulp about the medal system, making the computer AI a little stupid in the first few levels, and not forcing players to be the speedy race the first time around might be a better idea. I enjoy your work, but feel lucky you got the daily reward this week. Never give up.

Decent Game, needs work

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. There is a little strategy involved and it isn't for the trigger happy.

It has some serious problems though.

1. If you don't start the instant the level starts, you're pretty much for sure a goner.
2. If you don't select the right power ups, you're a goner.
3. As you get to higher levels the enemy starts out with more spawns than you. By level 6 is was just a matter of minutes until I was wiped out as I couldn't spawn men as fast as my enemies.

I could have played this all night if it was actually playable. It isn't challenging at this point, it just stops being fun when you realize how skewed and biased the game play is towards you losing if you do the slightest thing wrong. Please fix it, I would play it forever if you did.

you have no shame

this "genre" is fine for a first game but to make a sequel means that you, in fact, have no shame.