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Reviews for "Bug War 2"

Resistance is futile

Pick ants. The strategy is concentrate all of your units on one target at a time. Cut through your enemy's bases one at a time. Don't worry about leaving your bases weak, the enemy will be too busy defending. Only take the essentials. Their bases pretty much, nothing neutral. This will result in a low score but a satisfying victory. Go blitzkrieg!


This game is easy if you use the ants in my opinion, the bees, not very good, the beetles, also a good race to use. So, this game is really good, i hope to see a Bug War 3! :D Keep it up! :)


that was won of the best games i ever played why can't i choose all races?


It was decent but didn't keep my attention past level two, its just who ever pushes father faster.


I think this sequel better than first sequel. Good job!