Reviews for "Pico against the animator"


pontinhos ...

nicksoul responds:

thanks tibanha

I bet the staff WISH they had a hot receptionist

Heh, that was pretty good. Short without being too short. Well done!

nicksoul responds:

I have not had time to make the animation more accomplished!
but I struggled. Thanks for the review!


wow i did not saw that coming!

nicksoul responds:

thanks man for review
you believe that I did not?

Great Pico Day short

This was a great Pico Day flash you made,the story with Pico finding all his friends dead then looking to get revenge on the NG team (or so we thought =P) was swell and though it was short it was real sweet in the end (no pun intended =P).

nicksoul responds:

thanks man i like this review

Mmmm cake

All Pico ever wanted was cake

nicksoul responds:

or make a sex with Nene in bed .... or perhaps Darnell. does Tom Fulp likes to eat cake?