Reviews for "Pico against the animator"


I liked this short! Well Done and Keep up the good work!

nicksoul responds:

I will continue to make animations yes
thanks dude!

n1. gj.

Sorry you didnt get front page. maybe next time! :D
ok, i think my review is long enough now >.>

nicksoul responds:

I'm happy at least to have enough views
and the review were well rated
thanks man!


lol,awesome short,and cool music at the end,its a brazilian music(i live in brazil)

nicksoul responds:

thanks David136 you are brazilian, good luck!
hahah cara valeuu :<>


don't konw what to say?
short anime with twsit ending but it was kinda fuuny in how instead of death
they got cake LOL

nicksoul responds:

cake is very good!
:> thanks willO2


I was wondering what that explosion was XD

nicksoul responds:

thanks man i like you review