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Reviews for "The Impossible Game Lite"


Guys, guys, guys...relax, man! Some people make money by selling indie games: That's they income and that's their living. He's not being money hungry. Every download costs about 99 cents, except for the PSN one. He doesn't even get THAT much of it. But I'll tell you that the game is good, and it is worth the download.

Also there is no first level about it, it's one big, long, continuous level. There are downloadable levels, though. Now, please relax a bit and enjoy the game: the music is on the side if you want to listen to it.

This is coming from someone who owns the full game on Xbox live, then lost internet connection. Can't play it til I get it back x.x

Really? A 20 second long demo? Do you really think that this will make people buy your game?
Before I started to play Geometry Dash I got the Lite version for my Android and it had 10 levels, which were fun to play and I got the full version that had 20 levels. But this...just no. While the Lite ver. of GD gives us half of the levels from the main game you give us even less than 20% from the levels, that means that you dont even give us ONE full level. Seriously, who would buy your game?
And it also annoys me that we still have to pay for your game nowadays. Make it either completely free or add more levels and features, nobody in the world will buy your game while there is GD.
And please, make this Lite version longer. I dont know, maybe it should end right after the 2nd triple spike jump in the main level, right before the 2nd drop? That would be smart.
Anyways, I am done with my review. I hope that FlukeDude will notice this one day and make the game free or the demo longer.

i gave it 3 stars one because it good and he work hard on it but rlly 20 seconds as a demo jeez how whould you expect anyone to buy your game when the demo is 20 seconds like give it a hour or something of the game flukedude

Too short for a demo

Bro this came out in 2009 before geometry dash and some dumbasses call this a ripoff while geometry dash is a ripoff

anyway the demo is too short