Reviews for "The Silver Dungeon Escape"


it wasn't the most spectacular thing in the world, but i actually REAlly enjoyed it :)

Too short.

It was fun and all but it was way too short and very simple. If there was more diversity and more length, it would have been pretty good. Having more than one use for the rope and crowbar would have been good as well as something else to search inside instead of just boxes. Overall pretty good though.

Nice little game

The silver dungeon escape is a little game to spend few minutes. Make it longer and add special effects would be nicer.

Also when you click two objects, two windows messages display make the game hard to read. Player should not click on any objects untill the message is closed.

Overall, this is a good game. I hope you will improve for later games.

Has potential

The game was a little bland at times. It seemed like all the solutions were just there, and it wasn't difficult enough. Go through the doors, search crates, get key, go through next door, repeat. It would have been so much better with:
a) Music
b) Better graphics
c) More challenges (Minigame maybe?)
d) Longer

Those four elements could turn this into a front page game.

hmm not bad

but it could be longer and make it more challenging
sorry man but this ain't much of a good game (no offence :P)