Reviews for "Stik 4: Part 1"


That was exactly what a stick fight should be. good job, and what was the song you were playing?

Branhan responds:

Thanks man, umm the song was by Paragonx9 right here on newgrounds. Check out that guys stuff hes DAMN good!

I just got a crazy idea...

It would be really awesome, if you'd add a slow-motion button, so that anytime the watcher wants to play it in slowmotion, he can! :P I know the fight style follows the music rythm, but you could make the music slow-motion too! XD That'd be awesome!

Branhan responds:

Actually, thats an AWESOME idea!

Woah :>

You'r getting better and better, i remember Your old anim they were nice but this one id really awesome :>


reminds me of that level on halo 3 , cortena i think it was

Serious stick... nice!

I always enjoy watching a serious and well worked stick movie. Love the way everything fits to the music and that you use special abilities for everyone. Makes it stand out from most sticks as they all have a bazooka and blow everything to pieces.

Only thing is that it feels like the camera is just a tad to close, sometimes it feels a bit to hard to focus. Other than that, good job!