Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"

You should make tshirts

I'd buy a tshirt with Pico's face as seen on the avatar, with PICO PWNS written in giant block letters underneath.

This was a well-made piece and had me really cheering for the crew near the end. My favourite part was when Tom Fulp held onto the robot's arm long enough for Pico to grenade him. Great job!

Pegosho responds:

Holy! Zombie-Pimp! Thanks for your comment man. You animation "House of 1000 Cats" was a huge inspiration in this animation. I also wanted to use that last song from the credits of you animation in my credits but i thought people might think i'm a copy-cat. :P

I'm glad you liked it Zombie! :)


I havent written any reviews lately because the things that ive seen just didnt reach me. This was done so great and unique in style. Its awesome how you turned designed Pico and friends and im saying this even though im not a major fan of pico... This was the best thing ive seen since maybe a year.


All I can tell you is watch this flash its not to be missed


That was just fucking amazing. (:
I didnt get the part about the vessel though.

dene and darnell are bada"