Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"


best pico video ive seen this year :D

Pegosho responds:

woohoo! Thanks kingo!

nice art style

but be epic if pico piloted p bot but either way nicely done

Pegosho responds:

Damn, that was a pretty neat idea. Too bad i didn't thought about it during the process, that would had owned.

Nicely done.

I loved the fluid animation and detail ^.^ it has a sort of 2d/3d switch up i loved how you made this and how each individual character came in and helped defeat the eggbot. Btw i noticed the song that was playing now correct me if im wrong but wasnt that a remixed version of his world by zebrahead? But in anycase im giving you a 10 because i loved this and i love your flash ^_^ keep up the good work.


Pegosho responds:

Yeah, the song is a remix of His World, it's called My Destination. Check it out, it's awesome.


I loved every minute of it! The animaton was spectacular and teh pure epicness of Tom comin outta nowwhere and acting like one amazing superhero is almost to much to contain. You, sir, are someone that everyone else should look up to in terms of animation and just all in all great video making. Happy Pico day to you! 10 stars! I hope to see other people aspiring to make such great anims.

that was..

kool i love the way how you put tom in and i love how it starts good job i would love to see more of your work