Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"

This is what pico days all about

adds to fav's


This is a great movie in all. You just don't see that type of style much.

Another great picoday submission

There sure are alot of great pico movies this year. I really love the animation style, it's smooth, clean and looks really professional.


buena animacion hasta a mi me gusto por que parecia anime y tambien por la musica que esta padre te mereces un 10 amigo

Pegosho responds:

gracias amigo! que bueno que te gusto :)


that was pretty good and involved more that just 1 person as the hero which made it all the better

Pegosho responds:

yeah, i wanted to incorporate all the Pico's characters and also introduce Tom to the team so they could kick the bad guy's arse at the end.