Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"


you did NOT see the uberkid just sitting there in the bathroom.

pico's epic, nene's hot as ever, and even tom fulp makes a cameo appearance! epicness.

Mmm... This is great.

The animation is really great and enjoyable.

Its Awesome :D

I have watched all of your animation entries about 5 times each now i am learning your style :D i have take snipping tool and looking at stuff its a really bad ass style you should consider Livestreaming :D

WOW cool!

I have to say for your 2nd animation this was great and really long!
You get max stars from me.

Wait.. What?

I like this animation a lot, but I just noticed that on the chalkboard it says 46x x 87y over the square root of 90. Isnt that in leo and satan?

Pegosho responds:

Indeed man, that was an easter egg. :)