Reviews for "Solar City"

Very Well Done!

Great Job! I would of liked it to be longer, but I think it's even better short, as we, the viewer, can fill in the blanks with our imagination.

Overall, very well done. :D

Very good! but...

I think that it could have been a little longer.

pretty cool

the story could have been a little more interesting but the animation was good and the voice acting was not that bad... maybe a better mic might help.
anyway I think it was awesome and I hope you got a good grade on this


i lol'd when i heard paragon x9. maybe it was just me...

Pretty good and promising story. maybe simple, but good ideas and atmosphere. action sequence was decent. good job.

not basing the score on the length, but it could be much longer to be a nice episode/part. hopefully better as it goes on if it goes on.


Did anyone else notice the backstory, setting and even the scenes (to some degree) are oddly similar to FF13?
Maybe author was heavily influenced by it.. would be nice to know though.

Link3Kokiri responds:

Like I said, never even played it