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Reviews for "Solar City"


when i saw the train seen and 2 soldiers telling the citizens to get on the train, it made me think of the purge train and that cutscene from final fantasy XIII. But, over all it was short and that shortness was worth it. 2 words: I WANTZ EPISODE 2! wait did i saw 2 words?...

Link3Kokiri responds:


And I haven't played FFXIII yet, but I soon will now that I'm finished uni!

This Would Be A Hell Of A Game

This Would Be A Great Game

Not that bad actually.

The story and plot, from what has been shown from this video, is actually good.
It can make for an interesting series if you want to do that. I for one think that with a nice team, some good feedback from us and other sources, i'm sure this can be created from what we see here into something more...extrodinary. (Please excuse my spelling, i don't have spell check X_X )
Now for the characters, the main protagonist seems good. Not sure of the voice but it seems to suit him. I like the idea of a special set of headphones can greatly improve the wearer's reaction and muscle functions, with music encrypted with special data to keep the user from going berserker after certain amounts of time. Perhaps there could be similiar items that work in a similiar way? Such as a pair of specialy created shoes that could enhance a person's speed and reflex timing. Or maybe a special set of goggles that enhance the wearer's sight so they can see father than a typical person can and possibly even have a type of X-Ray vision, to help locate stuff. Or something.

In a nutshell, a diamond that just needs to be cut in just the right ways for a spectecular jewel of a series. Keep up on the good work. If you ever nee dideas please feel free to let me know. I'll be more than happy to give my own feedback and suggestions, in a polite civil way of course. Ciao, here's to hoping this can be turned into a series.

im giving you a 10 5/5 but

its for motivationm you should get a good microphone from your friends temporarily or buying it since i found the voice acting quality pretty poor. Graphics were cool, animation was GREAT, story original and well displayed less that little break before the line "pest control" you made it too dramatic relatively to the other lines and the script was a bit lame, words that we can listen in any movie no ofense but the script looks like it was written by a kid so i suggest making some changes to it you can send me a personal message if youre interested in my thoughts or if you doubt my review, feel free to ask.


awesome style

a bit short, but it was great 10/10