Reviews for "Solar City"

I like it

Let me know if you need music for your next run

Final Fantasy 7?

You just copied 8 years old story, even the graphic is the same;)

I smell a sequel

Yeah length is my only issue with this flash, otherwise very good

Great, but...

The animation was well done, and the final product turned out amazing. You deserve front page. Great job with the setting and synchronization of the music and movement.

I'd like to point out the "devious schemes" paradox. Is protecting the city from savage monsters all that bad? I mean, the situation could be handled differently, yeah, but this might be a case where the ends justify the means. Perhaps they could "volunteer" less contributing members of society, like hobos. Robo hobos fighting for civilization would be a good alternative.

Link3Kokiri responds:

Robo Hobos.

Best name I've heard today sir


das war richtig told :)