Reviews for "Hunting to Piconjo"


It was okay. You put a lot of emphasis on the running at the beginning, but it was actually really poor. One part was an actual run and the rest were awkward looking. You have ok ideas and can get them out sometimes, but really need someone to help you clean them up to look better. I'm sure you put a lot of work into it, but it still lacks a lot of things that will make it look smooth. The fast cuts and camera movements seem to mask some of the poor quality, but still not enough. You are good at rotating around a still object, but that's not really character animation. Work on consistency in your drawings so it doesn't look like limbs just flying around. I think you need to just do your own thing instead of trying to copy the whole anime style cuz you don't do a very good job at replicating it and it keeps you from getting better. The 4 is for the effort and improvements, but it didn't really interest me as much as some of the other action animations i've seen.


it was good, but the only problem i had is thet picos voice was so life les whit no emotions (not in a cool way :P ) for thet -2 point. The rest was nice :)


That was easy

very cool

definitely one of your best works

also thanks for using my music in the credits man!

Hulalaoo responds:

Hi BOSS,You music is exelent

. . .

well that was fast O__O
anyway good one