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Reviews for "Watch Paint DRY !"

Fuck This Game

You thought OCD+ was bad, well, Watching Paint Dry makes that look like Sydney Shark, and that's fucking saying something. Sure, I got my name on the board (look for it, you'll know what it is), just because I could, but ten minutes is all can do for this game. I might come back and sacrifice an hour to this (after all, I'm on Newgrounds, am I really doing anything constructive?), but it has to be said that, somewhere in this world, some schmuck will actually try to waste 24 hours to beat this game, while an even bigger schmuck will try to find a way to hack it to get the top score out of everyone. Don't be a schmuck. Play one of the crappy point 'n' click games on Newgrounds instead. You'll be better for it.

So just watching the paint dry...

Just killing some time, so I thought I'd write something. I picked that off grey color what ever its called. oh time to click! man I hope i can make an hour, it will be tough. So what to say.. what to say? 18 minutes to go! just got to hang in there! If I make it, I'll give you a 10, but only a 1 if I fail. This music is perfect for this game, its so bland. This is surprisingly hard, my brain is screaming! But I do mind numbing work for hours, so I think I can do this! Man it would suck if I had to leave at the last few minutes. :( Boy I'm hungry, but I can't leave yet, damn! 11 minutes to go! so close! I can make it...just keep watching.....! 7 minutes so close! tick tock tick tock..just watching the clock! Quick click! This is so worth it! 4 minutes to go! I'm so excited! 2 1/2 minutes! ONE MINUTE TO GO!!! ONE WHOLE HOUR!!!!!!!


Quality title which deserves to get game of the day. Great presentation wrapped around typically British humour. For shame to anyone who rates this low because they don't get it.

great concept but a little long !

Gave it a 9 because nothing is perfect and just to say that ur game is really cool

Haters won't get it

But this is right up there with duck pond simulator. Heck the intro video alone deserves points as a well done movie.