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Reviews for "Watch Paint DRY !"

At first, I was very suspicious. I had no doubts in my mind at the time that this game could be the worst game ever. But luckily, the title sparked enough interest, enough curiosity in me to click on this game. That experience changed me forever.

First off: This game. No, it's not a game. No. It's art. This video game is pure art at its finest. This should have been posted in the art section of NewGrounds, because it's just that: art. This game is the greatest game the world as ever known. It's so genius, so much genius. The sheer awesomeness of this game overshadows every single GOTY, Classic, and Golden Indie Game there is in the gaming industry. The game just beats them in every way, shape, and form.

The second thing that made me awe in true amazement is the sheer realism. I'm a professional Paint Watcher, and I can tell you all: this is the most realistic paint watching simulator ever created. Not only has the developer made a beautiful simulator such as this, but he/she also paid attention to detail; he/she has made the most stunning, realistic visuals I have ever seen in a video game over a vast amount of levels all over the world! It adds so much variety to the game, unlike many other paint watching simulators. The little additions (like the TV in the room, and the ability to change paint color) make the game so much more visually appealing. If you don't like the color, or the TV channel, you can change it. You can also LOOK AROUND THE ROOM. Unlike other Paint Watching Simulators, that seem to only let you look forward at all time, this one went out on a limb and made it able to look around the room. To study every inch of beauty held within that wall.

The overall gameplay is fantastic. The achievements are very satisfying to achieve, making you want to come back for more; and the Online Leaderboards only make it harder to turn away! You always want to remain on top of the Paint Watching Scoreboards. The "Click Here" feature prevents those pesky cheaters, but I think there should be a hardcore mode (so it removes the popup sound) to keep things interesting. I have easily spent 2+ hours on this game, and will be looking forward to spend 100+ more.

Overall this game gets an Elaxter rating of 10/10. Great job, developer, for making such an amazing piece of art.

The title says it all, but do you really expect someone to sit in front of their computer screen for 24 hours, staring at an uninteresting flash game, just to push a stupid button every few minutes for 24 hours straight, just to get that last achievement? Hell, even on Lost they only had to push the button every 108 minutes. Your button's timer wouldn't even give people time to go to the bathroom. That's like taking a one-liner joke and making a movie out of it, except a movie would only eat 1 1/2 hours of your life, not a whole day. More power to you if you actually find someone dumb enough to try and complete this "Game"

I figured out the TV!!!!! I feel so smart :D
The game's a little boring, but, hey, the name sort of implies that...

13 mins!!! YAY!!!!!

I think the idea of having to click something every... what, minute at the most? so you can't just leave it for a day or something...

Really good except it takes FOREVER though i know that's kinda the point....

9/10, 5/5

Is it me or does it say Hints & Tits

in the Hints and Tips section. Either way, decent game, but make the achievements harder. And I can't whole-heartedly give a time-waster a 10, so a 9 it is.

I made this face --> XD

That was hilarious. It's like OCD++. I think you should make a sequel. "Watch grass GROW!"