Reviews for "Pico & Friends"


Censered By Dan Padlin

hahahahaha XD

the part when pico takes the bazooka is from "Daikuji" intro XD...


My computer gets stuck at the part when Darnell wants something but not an apple.. that's why I'm giving it 0 stars, because I don't know the story. But I made a review just to let you know!

NEXTVIEW-Designs responds:

FFS... try clicking the 'next' button on the msg box (it's shaped like an arrow). Thanks for the review :)

Just to give it a 9.5

It had 9.4 before. Now it has hiher

easter egg

i found the easter egg its an extra scene!!!!!! pico gos back to the dude with the skull mask and the lemonadez . and the dude selling takes his mask off!!!!!!!!!!!!!