Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"

i love it :D

im giving you a nine becasue this game could rally use a save system

Arkuni responds:

I disagree. A game at this length (7-8 minutes), there really isn't a point in having a save system.

Ill write a longer review for another game

This games fun as hell.

Arkuni responds:

Good to hear.

It's pretty good.

First off, I didn't know to give you seven or eight. Eight seemed high and seven seemed low. So. 7 1/2 it is.

It's a pretty good game, but it just isn't my kinda game. I mean, it'd be a bit more fun, but the controls seem kinda iffy to me, or I just didn't spend enough time in the game. I'd like the Up arrow key or space to jump. It would save a lot of frustration for me. And, just to me, it kinda' got repetitive quick. The new weapons weren't all that imperative, because by the time I was able to unlock a new weapon, my pistol had already upgraded beyond the new weapon's capabilities.

So, decent game, not my style it is.

Arkuni responds:

Awww. The rules of math states than you round UP from a half :(

Anyway, I'm glad you gave it a chance, despite the fact that you don't like the genre.



Arkuni responds:

Good for you ;)

Hmmm, very good

very addicting, I couldn't stop till I finished it

Arkuni responds:

Good to hear!