Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"

Good game

This was a swell game you made for Pico Day 2010,the graphics looked great for it being pixelated and the music went real well with the game too,as for difficulty it wasn't too hard but not too easy either and i liked how it had a variety of weapons you could unlock as you progressed through the game,the one knock i have with it is it got real repetitive and there wasn't too much movement involved considering you were in an enclosed space but overall it was still a good game.

Arkuni responds:

I know. It would be cool to have several arenas to fight though. But it wasn't supposed to be a big project.


add a save feature,like every new weapon, because i needed like 2 more kills for the end-game bomb and then i died...i i didnt have enough time to try again D: otherwise 9/10

Arkuni responds:

Noes! You will play your games without a save-state and you'll like it!

COOLIOS !!! :P Lolzz

Magnificient work dude i liked the fact that weapons upgraded with use and there was a lots of choice and .........It's ADDICTING , That's IT !!!! Great work ohhh and i wanna say that the button to change weapon is a little far to press when there is action on screen that all! good game !

Arkuni responds:

Noted and glad you liked it :)

Nice! Liked it, BEGINNING TO END!

I thought this game was really, really good. It kept me entertained - through the WHOLE THING! In games like these, where the guns that you "unlock" keep getting more awesome-er and addicting, I usually get turned off by the boring weapon you get in the beginning, and really feel like quitting the game.

But this game! It hooked me in from the start.

I also really liked how you utilize ALL your weapons, that is of course you don't keep one gun buffed up. First time I beat this game was by using the Face Spawners and the Converters, once I ran through all of those ammo, I used the shotgun, out of ammo, machine gun, then to the pistol default, and face the bazooka for any tight pinches. This game really depends on all the different weapons.

The extra difficulty was also a nice extra. Since the game was short and sweet, an extra playthrough is fine by anyone, unlike some other games where the "extra difficulty at the end of the game" made you play through the whole two-hour game AGAIN.

Bluntly, the game was easy. The extra difficulty, was not. Just that normal difficulty wasn't enough, that wouldn't be fun, no challenge.

I loved this game. So organized, fun, and addicting.

Arkuni responds:

Really helpful!
Thanks a lot mate.

Keep your eye out for my next game, it should be right up your alley.

Just a little more...

Well I liked the game but I didn't WOW me like the other games
of the Pico Day this year.
The game is chaotic, not hard. In fact, SkyKiller1234 is right, you will make it fine with just the pistol, that's a shame because the poison gun and the angry face ones were cool. Also I would prefer a upgrade system rather than the shops. The enemies were also meh... We could use a boss.

Arkuni responds:

I hear you, but the thing is, I wanted it to be chaotic and easy.
But I admit that the pistol is a bit too hardcore, seeing as it's only the starting weapon.