Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"

Fun game

This is a very fun game. There's no storyline or anything such, but one isn't needed in this game.
I like the upgrade factor in this game and the wide range of weapons you can choose from.
It's also fast paced, which I liked very much.

The only downsize was the switching between weapons, (but luckily everything I ever used was the evil smiley face and the poison weapon).

Can't really say anything to improve the game, maybe make an option for people that wanted to play longer.

Arkuni responds:

Well, you can keep on playing until Flash crashes, just don't use the End-Game bomb.


relatively good game
the only thing that sucks is the controls
we dont all live in america you know

Arkuni responds:

Neither do I. So what's your point?

fun, but tricky controls

i thought it was actually fun, but it would be easier for me if i used the mouse instead of the arrow keys to both move AND shoot, also, the "switch weapon" button should have been easier to find since it was too close to the jump and shoot buttons,
the fact i never got a break was actually a good thing since i love hardcore games.

Arkuni responds:

I wanted a retro feel and that excluded the mouse.

Very addicting.

This game is really awesome. You were able keep all the chaos flowing with a balance of a moderately large and creative arsenal of weapons. The sequel should have more weapons, more enemies and a bigger stage. Great job!!!

Arkuni responds:

If I absolutely had to make a sequel, then it would probably be more like a tournament with all sorts of themed arenas.

dude you awesome

grate game but ther is no where to run,unliss you win. you sould add the controls on the begining

Arkuni responds:

I should what now?