Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"

i like

This is fun and addicting but same time hard

Arkuni responds:

Coke is addicting. You should try coke... don't listen to me. WHO SAID THAT?!

loved it,

i love this kind of games, just kill everyone in your way!

Arkuni responds:

Real life should be like that... like cake! Sorry, I'm just entertaining my friend now.


not too shabby...nice concept

Arkuni responds:

"Shooting people in the face with a gun"

A concept which will never fail to entertain the masses ^^

It's AMAZING...but...

I am SO addicted to this game. It's just fun, pure and simple. The only problem I keep coming across is the IMMENSE CONSTANT LAG! Also, the fact that my browser crashes whenever I use the game-end bomb. Maybe it's just a Chrome thing, who knows. Regardless, good job!

Arkuni responds:

Oh well, there is no pot of gold at the end. You'll survive.

i liked it alot!

nice gameplay

only complaint is may it should have been more midnight resistance/contra style as oppossed to arena style.

also, maybe a bar at the top which clearly shows what weapon you are using.

Arkuni responds:

Would take way more effort and I'm so god-damn-f-ing lazy it's unbelievable.
Still glad that you liked it :)