Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

Godd but ...

When i saw that you made a game i was soo fired up , but after playing all was left was disapointment , i was thinking that there will be some storyline , with rescue Tom and fight with Castle Crusher but this is a simply button mashing beat up game ...

only 5 stars from me for graphics and average music :)

Nice little Beat-em-up!

As always, GREAT GRAPHICS! I loved the original Fatherly Bonds and I love this to! HAPPY PICO DAY EVERYONE!

Itz not the game, its newgrounds itself

But i'm still giving it a 7 as its not very in depth. BUT GOOD FUN NONE-THE-LESS.
And i did get the grey screen (of deeeeeath) but its happened to me on other things on newgrounds so no deduction for that.

good basic

good basic game but not much to it

An ok game

An ok game. The artwork is quite good, but I don't really like the music and sound effects. U should also have added some more attack moves