Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"


Takes no skill, all you do is button-smash and move slighty with the arrow keys.
The enemies do no damage unless they hit you a couple times, and they can't even hit you because you're too busy smacking them around.


Bad game to represent such a powerful and famous NewGrounds character.


I'm disappointed in this game. It is a small game, but it was way too small.
I was hoping that you would add stuff like power-ups and upgrades to this game since it's getting boring and way too repetitive after a few levels.


i gave you guys an 8 because overall its a good game but since lochie had to bail you guys you probably didnt have enough time to polish it or make it more in depth and that is understandable. still a good quick play ^^

Good for what it is.

Maybe add some different enemies and some power ups.