Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

hmmm.......i have to say.

this game is pretty funny from the get go, but it then it turns tragic. this game has potentials, i think using this game for pico day was kinda a wasted effort, you could have spend some more time on it, and could of turned it to something quite enjoyable. add 4 characters and maybe 3 unlockable characters, like pico, dad, alien hominid, tankman. just an opinion. but this game has potential, you just got to dig it out.

like others say

its the same...but i love smacking them around@!@!#!@#

Too SImple

I would have liked to have seen some combos and maybe a little more variety in enemies. I kind of felt like after 5 or 6 levels of powering through guys that there really wasn't any feeling of getting anywhere.


Takes no skill, all you do is button-smash and move slighty with the arrow keys.
The enemies do no damage unless they hit you a couple times, and they can't even hit you because you're too busy smacking them around.


Bad game to represent such a powerful and famous NewGrounds character.