Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

Love It

It reminds me of that old old nintindo game River City Ransom....oh yeah now that was an awesome game!

Darned shrunken little screen!

Would be a great game except that the screen goes and shrinks up after the first few levels. Then, with the inability to run very far, you just get killed. Please fix: will play (and rate better).


it was fun but why did the screen get small and up in the corner. it appears I'm not the first to see the flaw...


I expected something far greater than this, Gonzossm.
Between this and Rufus, I vote getting back together with Foreverkul.
You could make a game that would send another shockwave through Newgrounds.
At the very least, you could make a sequel to 'Toss the Turtle.'

apparently, "a" is too short of a summary.

considering how much people suck (lochie), this turned out fairly well, assuming Archer came in at the last minute to help salvage the greatness that was still left. I say for what it's worth, it's awesome.